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Curious minds are invited on a journey of discovery with a virtual microscope, indigenous collaborations and touring exhibitions. Discover our educational resources.

See invisible worlds with our microscope simulator!

Explore the nanoscale world with this free, interactive virtual scanning electron microscope. You will also find STEM resources based on the Australian Curriculum, audio guidance and much more. MyScope Explore is suitable for everyone from 8 to 80. This free online resource grew out of work by our experts to develop training for professional scientists to use our advanced microscopes.

MyScope Explore!


60,000 years of tradition meets microscopy

This collaborative science-art exhibition reveals rich parallels between Indigenous Australian visual language and the microscopic structures hidden in the natural world. We are proud to present this new vision of our country and its stories. Visit the online gallery for classroom resources.

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Now touring Australia and the United States

Images, videos and data sculptures – a collection of inspirational media captured by Microscopy Australia scientists in the course of their research and curated for public exhibition.
Over 400,000 people of all ages have attended this exhibition in major Australian cities and in the USA.


Science Photo Library

Rights-managed resources

Cutting-edge science creates unique images. Selected images captured on our instruments are available for commercial licensing through Science Photo Library.