Goodbye needles! This revolutionary nanopatch delivers vaccines painlessly and efficiently without the need for refrigeration – great for developing countries. Visualised using scanning electron microscopy by Michael Crichton and Prof. Mark Kendall, University of Queensland. Size: each projection is only 110 micrometres long.

Interested scientists can read the published studies:
Chen X, Kask AS, Crichton ML, McNeilly C, Yukiko S, Dong L, et al. Improved DNA vaccination by skin-targeted delivery using dry-coated densely-packed microprojection arrays. J Control Release. 2010;148(3):327-33

Fernando GJP, Chen X, Prow TW, Crichton ML, Fairmaid EJ, Roberts MS, et al. Potent immunity to low doses of influenza vaccine by probabilistic guided micro-targeted skin delivery in a mouse model. LoS ONE. 2010;5(4):e10266.


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