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Bio Electron Microscopist

Location: The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Australia
Employment Type: Full-time, continuing
Remuneration: $100,032 – $108,979 + 17% superannuation

As the Bio Electron Microscopist, you will manage and maintain the suite of PC2 facilities and multi-modal microscopy research projects at Sydney Microscopy and Microanalysis (SMM). You will provide expert support to researchers, focusing primarily on the needs of users in combined and correlative microscopy, microanalysis, analysis and interpretation of images and high-volume data.

Reporting to the Facility Manager, your key responsibilities will be to:

  • provide expert advice, sound research support and assistance to researchers, students and other platform scientists working in the facility
  • manages the facility ensuring that the research, learning and training requirements of the facility are met effectively
  • ensure facility is compliant with Workplace Health and Safety requirements
  • oversee the preparation of reporting and documentation for the work area
  • provide effective leadership and management guidance and support to the staff in the research laboratory
  • collaborate with other core facilities in relation to providing advice and input about best practice experimental design, execution, and technique development.
  • develop and maintain good relationships with relevant instrument and equipment vendors in relation to upgrades, enhanced features, and troubleshooting.



Cryo-TEM Microscopist

Location: Adelaide Microscopy, The University of Adelaide
Salary package: $100,261 to $112,481 + up to 17% super

The CryoTEM Microscopist is responsible for the management and operations, training, performance and safe operation and maintenance of the ThermoFisher Glacios CryoTEM within the centre.

Adelaide Microscopy, the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis, is a central facility providing advanced microscopy and microanalysis to the research students and staff of the University. Adelaide Microscopy assists in making the University of Adelaide a world class research intensive University.

We are seeking a CryoTEM Microscopist who will be responsible for the management and operations, training and performance of the new 200kV CryoTEM platform within the centre.

The CryoTEM Microscopist will develop protocols associated with sample preparation, data acquisition and processing. The Microscopist will also provide expertise and advice to researchers and post graduate students and assistance in processing and data interpretation.

To be successful you will need:

  • Expertise in the operation of CryoTEM and its application to the solution of research problems in the biological and biomedical sciences.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the full single particle analysis (SPA) workflow, including optimisation of sample preparation protocols, operation of CryoTEM systems for sample screening and data collection and processing/interpretation of the resulting data
  • Strong background in the use of tools such as cryoSPARC and Relion to process complex CryoTEM datasets.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated expertise on TEM sample preparation techniques
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with key stakeholder to deliver successful outcomes within agreed time frames.

For a confidential discussion regarding this position, contact:

Angus Netting
Director, Adelaide Microscopy
P: +61 (8) 8313 3134

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