Microscopes & Experts

We have over 240 microscopes at our nine facilities around the country, open to all Australian researchers.

Which Technique?

Our facilities comprise instruments and experts located in university facilities around Australia, as well as a suite of online tools. Find the best technique for your project, and connect with our expert staff with TechFi.

Free Online tools for researchers

  • MyScope Online Training

    Our expert staff have developed an online learning environment called MyScope. It’s globally recognised, with about 160,000 visitors each year.


    MyScope is custom-made to train researchers in how to use different types of advanced microscopes. The platform provides insights into the fundamental science behind different microscopes, and explores what can and can’t be measured on different systems. It provides a realistic operating experience with interactive microscope simulators.

  • Technique Finder

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    TechFi helps you identify the technique most appropriate for your research question, and to find the most suitable Microscopy Australia facility.

  • Characterisation Virtual Laboratory 

    A free remote desktop environment including a range of tools to process atom probe, neuroimaging, structural biology, X-ray, and general imaging data

  • Atom Probe Data Share

    We provide this free online platform for scientists to share atom probe data. The DataShare uses a fast transfer protocol over a web browser, which allows you to upload and download data using as much of the available bandwidth as possible.

    The DataShare is curated, meaning you have to submit information to the Atom Probe Scientists of Microscopy Australia for approval before it will be displayed.

    The data in the DataShare is publicly accessible, meaning you do not need user credentials to access the data.



with free microscope simulators