Incredible Inner Space

We invite you to discover a world beyond the naked eye, captured using advanced microscopes.

Discover the beauty of the microcosm.

Researchers from a wide variety of disciplines use microscopes to explore inner space at the micro, nano and atomic levels. Each image, movie and sculpture was created on a quest for knowledge and reveals a unique story. Learn how advanced microscopy gives insights into clever natural structures, sustainable future materials, advances in healthcare and food security.


All the images come from the Microscopy Australia's facilities – a national network of university-based microscopy labs collaborating to enable research at the micro, nano and atomic scales. From mining to medicine, agriculture to energy, microscopy enables Australian innovation.

View the videos here.


Incredible Inner Space is a touring exhibition and is currently looking for a new home. If you are interested in hosting this 28-piece exhibit in your local gallery or institution, please contact Dr Jenny Whiting at Microscopy Australia.

Over 400,000 people of all ages have already enjoyed this exhibition – in major Australian cities and in the USA in 2015 at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC in 2017.