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‘All Things Data’ Special Webinar: Assessing data quality in minutes – the near-real-time data capture revolution in microscopy

2 Sep 2022 11:00am - 12:00pm AEST, Online

In this webinar Josh Silver, Research Data Officer (University of Wollongong), will explore the impact of the near-real-time data capture revolution in microscopy from an IT perspective.

Within a few years, technological progress and optimisation of workflows have enabled instrument scientists and researchers to assess the quality of datasets in minutes rather than days. Much of this near-real-time data revolution has been made possible by automating and optimising a range of tasks involved in the early steps of data capture from instruments.

In this webinar, Joshua Silver will focus on the case of cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM), a technique known to generate large volumes of data per experiment.

Considerations from an IT perspective will be presented together with challenges that have been encountered along the journey, and what impact future developments and improvements in data capture may have.

This work was undertaken under Work Package 4: “Big-data electron and correlative microscopy from instrument to publication” of the Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS) project.

speaker bio

Josh has a 26-year career in and passion for all things IT. Josh joined the ACCS project in 2020 and works with researchers, IT personnel and CryoEM experts to explore and generate solutions to the many and varied IT challenges around CryoEM and the massive amounts of data transfer and storage that go with it.

Reflecting on his career Josh notes, “CryoEM is on a whole new scale, compared to my previous work. Megabytes and Gigabytes have grown to Petabytes. Megabits per second have become tens or even hundreds of Gigabits per second, while distance has gone the other way, with nanometer now being the most commonly used unit I hear”.

Josh’s work in the ACCS team builds on ten years working in the central UOW IT support team, specialising in macOS support. Before joining UOW in 2009, Josh worked at a regional internet service provider in network design, Unix system administration and customer support. He has also worked at the University of Canberra in their IT support team.

‘All things data’ series

This webinar is an extra addition to the ‘All Things Data’ series that that explores the guiding principles of research data management, research data management tools, and how users and facilities can make their research data more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). It occurs every two months and is hosted by Dr David Poger. Please direct any questions to

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Cryo-EM 3D reconstruction of the glutamate transporter trimer (blue and brown) in a lipid nanodisc (yellow). Imaged at the EMU, UNSW.