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BYO Workshop: Introduction to ORS Dragonfly

17 May 2023 1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST Online, Zoom

Dragonfly software is an integrated platform for volume image processing. It includes all standard tools for processing of 3D stacks as well as an deep learning tools for advanced segmentation. The software can be used to process FIB-SEM, confocal, X-Ray, and other datasets.

This online workshop is part of the Volume Imaging Australia Build Your Own Workshop Series. The workshop will cover:

  • Data visualisation and rendering
  • Stack registration and filtration
  • Simple intensity-based segmentation
  • Advanced deep learning-based segmentation
Presenter: Dr Denis Korneev (Monash University)

Denis is currently working at one of Microscopy Australia’s Monash University facilities, Ramaciotti Centre for Cryo-EM, in Melbourne. Denis is a specialist in electron microscopy, including FIB-SEM and CLEM. He received his PhD in biophysics from Moscow State University, Russia. In 2017 he moved to Australia to work in development of new techniques and protocols in microscopy, including applications of plasma-FIB-SEM and advanced volume data analysis.


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