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Webinar: Video Rate Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) – Direct Visualization of Interfacial Nanostructure and Dynamics at the Nanoscale

25 Aug 2022 1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST, Online

You are invited to Microscopy Australia’s next technique discovery webinar where Dr Hua Li, SPM Platform leader at CMCA UWA, will take us through how advances in video-rate AFM can be used to understand nanostructure and dynamics of liquid-solid interfaces.

Abstract: An atomic force microscope (AFM) uses a sharp tip to scan across a solid surface. The interaction between the AFM tip and the surface is measured and converted into an electrical signal which is processed into three-dimensional images of sample topography and surface properties such as elasticity and hardness. The interfacial structure of solids, both hard and soft, dry and wet, can be thus directly visualised down to the molecular level under proper experimental conditions.

With the latest development of video rate high-speed atomic force microscopes, the dynamics of liquids at the interface are able to be recorded with molecular resolution. In this webinar, I will show our recent progress in the understanding of nanostructure and dynamics at a wide range of liquid-solid interfaces using video-rate AFM. The outcomes have significant impacts in fields including interface science, nanotechnology, and energy.


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