Jason Coulthard

Jason Coulthard is from Port Augusta, South Australia. Jason’s Indigenous grandfather is of the Adnyamathanha people and his grandmother is of the Yankatjara people.

He has lived the majority of his life in South Australia and spent time in West Australia and New South Wales, where he currently resides. Jason has had no formal training in art. He is influenced by past and present artists from all walks of life and cultures and strives to perfect his own style.

Native flora, fauna, and knowledge of the Adnyamathanha land and the need to preserve nature are a constant theme within his work.  His work is strong, detailed, and would not be described as traditional Aboriginal art. The technique is fine pen work and dynamic digital designs. His work is here to encourage the audience to reflect on the ancestor’s balance with nature and preserve a dying language.

Jason wants to leave a mark on the art world that is unique and encourage other Indigenous cultures to learn their stories and knowledge and preserve it in their own way.

To see more of Jason’s work or to contact him, go to Wakarla