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Gelion — new partnerships bring Endure™ batteries closer to fruition

Microscopy Australia has supported renewable-energy storage firm, Gelion, as they’ve developed their innovative and safe Endure energy storage system (ESS).

They have recently partnered with Sydney-based, lead-acid battery maker, Battery Energy Power Solutions, who are manufacturing and commercialising Gelion’s batteries in Australia. Scale up to full production is planned for late 2022. Read more about how we supported the development of these batteries here.

The batteries use materials that are abundant, inexpensive, recyclable and abuse-tolerant. This gives them environmental and commercial advantages over lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for stationary energy for solar and wind farms, grid stability and large-scale commercial and industrial customers. Gelion, who listed on the London stock Exchange in December, 2021, has also signed an MOU with Mayur Renewables in Papua New Guinea, to supply 100MWh of ESS over the next five years. Only 13% of PNG is currently electrified. Gelion’s ESS, coupled with large-scale solar energy could provide remote PNG communities with an affordable, renewable and robust solution for their energy needs.

In another partnership, Spanish renewable energy company, Acciona Energía, will test the Endure batteries at its 1.2MW Montes del Cierzo experimental photovoltaic plant in Navarra, starting in July 2022. If successful, the batteries will form part of Acciona Energía’s renewable energy offerings.

Electron Backscatter Diffraction image showing crystal orientations in a Gelion current collector.

August 1, 2022