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Graphene Manufacturing Group: Australian nanotech building business

Graphene is a single sheet form of carbon that is only one atomic layer thick. It is the strongest material ever tested and efficiently conducts heat and electricity.

The Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) is an award-winning Brisbane-based global technology business empowering innovation across industries through the bulk supply of graphene. GMG began operations in August 2016 from their pilot plant, realising their vision to unlock the incredible variety of applications for graphene, that until now, have been restricted to research labs.

The team at GMG have engineered a unique and flexible continuous process that delivers high quality graphene at a fraction of the cost of existing production methods. The process can be tailored to precisely align with GMG’s clients’ needs for their different applications.

“Our innovative production process is world-leading, so it is essential to understand exactly what we are manufacturing. The analysis done for us at Microscopy Australia’s University of Sydney facility has been instrumental in both the process and product design of our graphene. It allows us to streamline improvements before and during production as well as confirming post-production efficacy.

Via scanning and transmission electron microscopy, Microscopy Australia has enabled us to understand our graphene by providing:

  • sizes and morphology of the carbon structures we were producing
  • quantifying our graphene layers (along with Raman analysis from Sydney Analytical)
  • confirmation of the crystalline structure of our graphene.

This enables us to adjust operating windows during our manufacturing process and directly link the characteristics of our graphene with tangible customer outcomes. This independent analysis is also essential for us in building successful relationships with our current and future customers and with our investors.

We now have confidence to better understand the improvement mechanisms required for multiple applications of the wonderous product we produce.” – Craig Nicol, Founder, Managing Director and CEO.

GMG also use our University of Queensland facility to enable their regular, rapid monitoring and manufacturing response to meet their clients’ needs for their graphene applications. GMG’s success sees them constructing one of the largest graphene plants in the world in early 2019.

Client base & product applications include:

  • Concrete
  • Epoxy resin
  • Medical devices
  • Bitumen
  • Polymers
  • Batteries for electric vehicles
  • Defence materials
  • Coatings
  • Solar cells
  • Metals

Transmission electron microscope images of two GMG graphene samples