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Linear Clinical Research attracts trials to WA using technical vouchers

For Linear Clinical Research being awarded a series of Microscopy Australia’s Technical Vouchers has made a critical difference in attracting clinical trials to WA and bringing export income into the state.

Linear’s purpose-built state-of-the-art facility, was conceived as a focal point for Australian clinical and medical research, bringing world-first clinical trials to WA and making innovative therapies available to the local community.

By working with Microscopy Australia in WA, Linear has been able to provide essential technical testing services that were a key requirement for a new investigational drug being developed for a first in-human clinical trial by a global sponsor. Not only has this work delighted Linear’s sponsor, this has been a great example of two local Western Australian entities collaborating to provide a high quality service for this international client. Subsequent Vouchers have enabled Linear to attract further trials to WA.

Using Microscopy Australia’s specialised flow-based Luminex analyser and key technical expertise has enabled Linear to provide high quality, reliable data within tight study timelines. Analysis of a specific biomarker was critical to the drug development pathway, showing it was possible to get an early signal that the drug was working in healthy volunteers. The data now being collected will be used to inform decisions on the further development of the product and whether they will progress to Phase 2 studies in people with the target disease. The great results have helped Linear nurture a strong working relationship with its sponsor.

“Being able to access the Technical Voucher Fund was pivotal to putting together a competitive proposal to the sponsor that helped Linear to secure the study. The voucher allowed us to offer a lower cost to the sponsor for the biomarker analysis work which had a direct impact on us being selected to run the study over other sites, not just in Australia, but worldwide. Running large healthy volunteer studies such as this one helps to bring in much needed revenue to the business which then means we are able to support a wider range of trials, including investigator-initiated studies.”

–Jayden Rogers, Global Partnering Lead, Linear Clinical Research

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