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Vaxxas opens Queensland production facility

Vaxxas, the spin-out company commercialising the HD-MAP needle-free vaccine technology platform, has recently opened its Queensland production facility and global headquarters to produce vaccine patches for further clinical trials and for future commercial products.

The 5,500m² Vaxxas Biomedical Facility is a first-of-its-kind manufacturing site designed to support the scale-up of the high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP), for late-stage clinical trials and first commercial products. Vaxxas currently employs 130 people in its Queensland operations, and is planning for an increase to 200 employees over the next three to five years. The new facility will enable Vaxxas’ R&D teams to work side by side with manufacturing teams, to expand existing R&D work and streamline the translation from research to eventual commercialisation.

The High-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) produced by Vaxxas

Throughout its development, pre-clinical and current clinical trial phases, Vaxxas has used microscopes at Microscopy Australia’s University of Queensland facility to monitor the design, production and functionality of the HD-MAP. Our microscopes were also used in the development of vaccines by UQ researchers that have been tested with the HD-MAP. Read more about how our facilities were used in the development of this technology, and in the development and trials of a HD-MAP based dengue fever vaccine, and the ongoing trials of a COVID-19 vaccine.

With success in several completed human clinical trials, Vaxxas is now working on ongoing Phase I clinical studies for COVID-19 and seasonal influenza, with other studies to start soon, targeting pandemic influenza and measles–rubella.

Technicians working with the high-density microarray patch in the Vaxxas cleanroom. Credit: Vaxxas

July 4, 2023