The Micrograph

Gum leaf

This gum leaf is made up of cells and air spaces. Carbon dioxide moves through the spaces to the cells where it is converted into food to fuel the tree’s growth. Mature trees provide habitat for animals, which in turn provide food for Aboriginal people.

This image shows an area 160 micrometres wide (1 micrometre is one thousandth of a millimetre).

Image: Minh Huynh, Elinor Goodman and Margaret Barbour

The Artwork

Gathering Bush Tucker

Being a part of the Wadjigan tribe, hunting and gathering as Indigenous people is what we do. We have a lot of different hunting grounds on the Wagait Reserve and beyond like Baningrinyi, Ngitmingainy, Point Blaze, Badjalarr. One of our grounds is called the ‘Bowl’, and here we gather cockles, longbums, mud crabs, periwinkles and hunt assorted fish.

This painting is a depiction of our hunting ground. Light teals representing the salt water while the purple and maroon represents the coffee rock which is a common site around our beaches in the Top End.

Artist: Kerry Madawyn McCarthy